03 Jun, 2017

Building Subscribers List

03 Jun, 2017

Every business online whether small or big should include an e-mail subscribe function. The importance of building a list of interested subscribers cannot be emphasised enough. Basically incorporating this internet marketing strategy into your website should be seen a long term plan! Think about it… over the period of time how many visitors would have looked at your website and left? common enough, but some of these potential clients or customers may of left and to have never return. The purpose of getting them to subscribe to your e-mailing list is for you to market and inform / engage them of future services or products that your business may have.

Importance of building subscribers

Some business websites are fortunate enough to drive visitors from google rankings or being high enough that they don’t need to rely on such strategies. Even yet, some major websites that do drive visitors still engage in building their subscribers list because they know this enables them to generate extra leads, which simply converts to sales! So see this strategy as a contigency plan as well. If your website isn’t gaining the visitors you require due to low SEO rankings, at least you have the list of e-mail and customer subscribers that you can rely on. Contact Vivid Media today, if you would like to discuss how we can help make your website #1 on google. We’re based in Carlingford, however provide searches across Sydney, Parramatta and Australia.